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Please note, videos are of original interior and do not show all the new renovations. If you like what you see here, you're going to LOVE the home when you see the completed renovations!
Click the links below to view each video

Entire Video of Home (65.1mb)

Individual Video Segments
Exterior Video (3.5mb) | Exterior Video 2 (4.2mb) | Lake Behind Home (4.4mb) | Deck/Waterview (5.4mb) | Entrance Foyer/Half Bath/Formal Dining Room (4.9mb) | Kitchen (3.9mb) | Living Room (2.1mb) | Upstairs Overview (6.4mb) | Master Suite (8.7mb) | Guest Rooms Overview (16.2mb) | Utility Room/Garage (6.3mb) | Attic & Storage (3.2mb) | Heat & Air Systems (2.6mb) | Additional Lakeviews & Volleyball (4.8mb) | Children's Playground (2.6mb) | Pool & Tennis Courts (2.9mb)


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